TownhallNaija is a non-partisan interactive digital platform for citizens-representatives engagements. It is inspired to deepen quality representation (of constituents) and to re-engineer social change! Through the TownhallNaija, members of a constituency would be able to engage those representing them at all levels of government-right from the Local Council to the Senate. In this digital age, the TownHallNaija is a veritable tool, affording the people’s representatives unhindered and easy access to the globally dispersed members of their constituencies just with a tap of a button. Both representatives and members of their constituencies can interact and engage with respect to projects, piece of legislation or regulation, topics of interest and all developmental issues as they affect them.

Our Mission

To deepen quality representation (of the peoples of Nigeria), citizens’ participation, demand for accountability, transparency, and development through the deployment of modern technology that creates a rich communication experience.


Being the foremost reference source on citizens-representatives engagements

Core Values




Our Team
Jonathan Apeh
Jonathan Apeh